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Artist Warren Sonberg has been sculpting in Costa Rica for the last decade in preparation to open for overnight stays and organized retreats. A work in progress, this 28 acre plot of beauty & wonder is located approximately one hr outside of San Jose Int Airport. Atop rolling hills of much preserved & untouched land, it has been Warren's vision to work within natural confines of the ecosystem, that use & operation of the resort may be more of a benefit to wildlife than anything resembling a disruption. Currently featuring four sculpted casitas, an olympic size swimming pool modest two story main lodge, plans to incorporate eco friendly ponds and sculpted rest areas to adorn the many pre-existing nature paths are all well underway. Additionally Warren would like to offer select pieces of his work to sell & ship to the US for anyone interested in displaying his work at home or in a business. Stay tuned as we work closer to an official opening date for the resort. Inquires are all welcomed~

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